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I’m Miche, and I’m a 22 year old vegan on a mission to get fit, lean, and healthier. I’ve been an avid cook and baker for years, and I’m a cognitive neuroscience PhD student studying memory, scene perception, and aging and dementia! I’ve been eating a generally high carb, low fat vegan diet (along the lines of the Starch Solution) since September 2015, and I’ve never felt better.

And now, for my diet and fitness history:

When I was 12, I lost a lot of weight without meaning to; this put me at a BMI around 16, or underweight. Since then, I’ve gained plenty of fat to get up to the lowest end of normal weight thanks to the college freshman fifteen–well, ten for me–and finding my love of baking. The lack of muscle, however, landed me with the dreaded “skinnyfat” body type: nearly underweight, but all fat and no muscle. I hadn’t realized that gaining some muscle, rather than just constantly trying to diet the fat away, was the simple solution… until I started this blog, that is.

My body in the making: 2009 (100lbs) to July 2013 (121) to April 2014 (113)

I started lifting in September 2014, and I fell in love. Before that, my only gym experience had been spending too many hours on the elliptical. Since then, despite breaks due to finals stress and occasional lack of gym access, I’ve gained 12 pounds of muscle and lost 11 pounds of fat according to body composition scans: I’ve gone from the cusp of unhealthy body fat percent (30%) to the middle of the fit range (23%)! I’m still quite weak due to my focus on hypertrophy (muscle-building) rather than strength, but I’m much stronger than I used to be–I have back problems from an injury when I was younger and ligament laxity (hypermobile/very weak joints), so any progress is exciting!

Since then, I’ve also discovered my love of running, cycling, and hiking. My goals used to just be aesthetic, but now I’m more interested in being fit and healthy–I’m hoping leanness will come as a byproduct!

See my current diet plan and progress page for my current (specific) goals and progress.

In addition to my relatively newfound interest in fitness and my longstanding addiction to cooking and baking, I’m a professional photographer, an animal rights activist, and I love writing, drawing, and researching nutrition. I also used to model a bit and hope to get back into it once I get some time!


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