Day 17-18: October 1-2

Day 17/23

Seems like I’m gradually upping my intake–I’ve just been hungrier! Looks my metabolism might be ramping up, because my weight is still the same. ūüôā

Maybe someday soon I’ll be able to eat 2500-3000 calories like RiceandRaw and NaturallyStefanie! (They’re my¬†inspirations right now: they’re amazing hclf vegan youtubers who also lift weights)

Macros: 72% carbs, 15% protein, 13% fat

Exercise: walked 3 miles

Photo Oct 01, 10 17 58 AM

Whole wheat bagel with tofutti and tomatoes


  • Whole wheat bagel with tofutti and tomato
  • 1 date


  • Raw banana oatmeal
  • Clif bar


  • Oil free stir fry veggies and rice
  • Japanese sweet potato


  • Mango iced tea

Calories: ~1810  |  Protein: 72g  |  Fiber: 36g   |   Fat: 26g

Day 18/23

So I finally chose my protein powder as a last minute sort of thing despite all my former deliberation. It was because I needed some equipment for my honors thesis experiment and Amazon was giving me free one day shipping (which I needed) if I ordered at least $35 worth of stuff! I only had 2 minutes before the deal expired, and the only other thing I could think of was protein powder, so I just went with Vega Sport vanilla.

It is SO expensive though! I ended up choosing it largely because of the iron and calcium it has, and because it has lower fat and sodium than other brands I was looking at. But if I don’t fall in love or see any additional¬†strength improvements, I’m going with a cheaper brand or just nixing protein powder altogether.

Macros: 71% carbs, 17% protein, 12% fat

Exercise: lifted weights + walked 3.5 miles

Photo Oct 04, 8 46 42 AM


  • Whole wheat bagel with tofutti and tomatoes
  • 2 dates


  • Salad +¬†baked, oil-free yukon gold fries
  • Japanese sweet potato
  • Hot chocolate


  • Oil free stir fry cabbage¬†and rice
  • Mango


  • Banana protein shake

Calories: ~1820  |  Protein: 83g  |  Fiber: 44g   |   Fat: 25g


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