November 5th Food Diary

Net calories – 1510

I spent all day studying for my exam at 2, and had an intense case of the munchies. I kept getting incredibly drowsy (despite lots of caffeine) and then eating to wake myself up! I’m hoping this was just a one time thing and that my body now feels all nice and refueled so it will let me stop eating like a maniac… also hoping my stress levels will go down soon, though I do have 2 more papers to write and another midterm next week.

Also, I’m STILL sore from lifting 2 days ago–my body just does not want to recover! And it’s not just typical DOMS, but rather joint soreness (complete with cracking shoulders) that feels like a bad idea to lift with. Looking forward to getting back to the gym tomorrow, though.

Ate like a typical college student for once: takeout at my computer! (Though still too way healthy for your average college student)

Exercise: Walked 4 miles

Food Diary


  • Banana avocado buckwheat porridge: 470


  • Whole wheat bagel with hummus and veggies: 400
  • Tea: 35


  • 1/2 whole foods burrito: 300
  • Apple and almond butter: 255


  • Rice cakes, tofurkey, dried pear, fresh pear, chocolate: 380


  • N/A

Total: 1840   |      Exercise: 330

Net: 1510

Protein: 75g 


4 thoughts on “November 5th Food Diary

  1. That’s half a burrito!? It’s ginormous! And it looks delicious I’m totally coveting it right now haha. Nice job on the protein today and hope you feel ready to lift again tomorrow!

    • Oh whoops, that was the burrito with about a half inch eaten! I don’t think they make tortillas big enough to accommodate a burrito twice that size XD And thank you! 🙂

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