Day 1 Food Diary (8/27)

Day 1 of detoxing from sweets and constant restaurants! I had to go to a party at night, and had some cheesecake since they cut it into exact (giant) slices for everyone… but I managed to get away having just 1/5 of mine.



  • Apple with Pb2: 125


  • 12 baby carrots: 63
  • Tofurkey: 60
  • Almond butter: 95
  • Reeses cup: 105


  • Naan, tikka masala, biryani (attempting to use up leftovers because I hate wasting food): 405


  • Tea and coffees with soy: 30
  • Cheesecake: 90
  • Chocolate square: 60

Total: 1035    |      Exercise: 215

Net: 820

Protein: 31g

Water: 4.25L



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