Logic & Miracle Squash — Day 37 Food Diary (7/15)

I had my logic midterm on Tuesday, and also had insomnia for most of the night before–completely unrelated to the midterm, but very unfortunate! I missed one question, even though I had the right answer down originally… curse these ambiguously worded questions ūüė¶ (I had a 100% in the class before so that’s why missing one question was a bit upsetting.)

Because of the lack of sleep (at least that’s a trend I’ve noticed in myself, and backed up with studies on sleep deficits), I had insane cravings for carbs all day long. So I went snack crazy, which worsened when I went to my boyfriend’s house, as usual. I shot some video of¬†his band’s studio session, where my boyfriend was laying down some drum tracks for their first few songs. During the whole¬†session, I could not get the thought of ice cream out of my head–it was bizarre. At least I was able to satiate the craving with a 100 calorie fudge pop at my boyfriend’s house, but the whole carby catastrophe still¬†left me 20g over my carb limit for the day.

It’s amazing how our sleep, or lack thereof, has such profound effects on so many cognitive processes throughout the day.

Also, on a happier note: I’m convinced spaghetti squash is God’s gift to man. It should be renamed miracle squash. It’s unbelievably low calorie, low carb, and it magically emerges from its shell in spaghetti form. I actually like my spaghetti squash pasta dishes better than normal pastas I get at restaurants…

Coming up with this dish was probably the highlight of my day--it was that good!

Coming up with this dish was probably the highlight of my day–it was that good!


  • Flax bread with avocado and mozzarella: 295
  • Mascarpone, chocolate hazelnut butter, roule d’or cookie: 225


  • Iceberg lettuce with carrots and bleu cheese dressing: 70
  • Tomato soup: 115


  • Spaghetti squash with tomatoes, veggie meatballs, goat cheese, kale, mushrooms: 300
  • Homemade coconut oil chocolate: 45


  • Fudge bar: 100
  • Tea with soy: 45
  • Chocolate and almonds: 110

Total: 1400 ¬†‚Äď ¬† Burned 400¬†extra¬† (8600 steps)

Net: 1000

  • Net carbs: 71g ¬†(29%)
  • Protein: 51g (13%) ¬† | ¬†¬†Fat: 57%
  • Water: 4.25L
Drummer boyfriend recording some songs!

Drummer boyfriend recording some songs!

Seriously, give spaghetti squash a try if you haven't already

Seriously, give spaghetti squash a try if you haven’t already. Your taste buds and waistline will thank you.


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